How To Make Rainbow Loom Bracelets

Rainbow Loom bracelets is an fashion accessory for kids, which you can easily make them with materials of everyday use, and the whole process of making them takes very little time. These bracelets have long life and is suitable for use by both boys and girls. The step by step process of making a Rainbow Loom bracelet is given below, to help you make them at your home.

The first thing you must do is buy a Rainbow Loom toolkit. In this kit you would get the loom, hook, rubber bands, and the C-clip. For the first step you have to use the loom and rubber bands, thus it’s better to keep the other material separate, until you have completed the first stage.

First Stage

  1. Keep the loom in such a way that the arrow is not pointing at you, but to the opposite direction.
  2. Now put the rubber band in 1st peg and stretch it to the nearest left peg. Consider nearest left peg you chose as the 2nd peg.
  3. Now take another rubber band and place it on 2nd peg. Stretch this band to the nearest right peg that is in vertical straight line of 1st peg.
  4. Repeat the steps 2 and 3, until all the pegs have rubber bands in them. If you do it correctly, only two rows of pegs would have rubber bands and one row would remain untouched. Additionally, the pattern you form would look like interconnected shapes of “V.”
  5. Make sure the rubber bands are overlapping, you don’t skip any pegs, and none of the rubber bands should get twisted in this process.

Second Stage

  1. In the second stage you would have to take the help of hook. Therefore, now you should take it out from the kit and follow the steps given below.
  2. The first thing you have to do is flip the loom, so that the arrow is now facing you.
  3. For this stage consider the peg in the middle as the 1st peg. There is one peg on each side of this 1st peg and beneath it.
  4. Now use the hook to lift the rubber band that is underneath, in the 1st peg. Bring this rubber band to the peg crossing it on upper right side that is nearest to the 1st peg, this is the 2nd peg of this stage.
  5. If you did the previous step correctly, you would have three band loops in 2nd peg. Two loops from first stage and one loop from step 3 of second stage.
  6. Now use the hook to pick the bottom-most rubber band loop of 2nd peg. Bring this rubber band to the peg crossing on upper left side that is nearest to the 2nd peg.
  7. Repeat the steps 3 and 4 of stage two, until all the pegs are properly crossed. Make sure that the rubber band doesn’t get twisted at any point, if it does redo the whole step.

Final Stage

  1. Now flip the loom again, so that the arrow is pointing on opposite side.
  2. Attach the C-clip to the middle of both the rubber bands connecting 1st and 2nd pegs of first stage.
  3. Holding the C-clip, start pulling the rubber bands out of the pegs. Don’t push too hard. If there are no twists, rubber bands won’t break.
  4. After taking out the band completely, connect the C-clip to the middle of the rubber band that was connecting 1st and 2nd pegs of second stage.

By following the above given steps you can easily make a Rainbow Loom bracelet.