How to Make a Rainbow Loom Starburst Bracelet

The rainbow loom starburst bracelet is an impressive kind of bracelet that has a beautiful series of colors attached to it to give the fashion accessory a special look. It will feature a brilliant series of rainbow colors surrounded by a solid border.

Align your rainbow loom so the arrows point upward.

Gather a series of black bands to use as your border. Link them up to the loom one band going from the bottom middle peg to the one on the left and then keep on adding new black bands with the new one going over the old at the top. For instance, the second band goes from the bottom left peg to the peg right above it. Continue this to create a full level of coverage over the left end of the rainbow loom.

Make sure to avoid using the top left and top right pegs. You should end your sides at the center of the top.

Repeat the last step but for the right. Make sure the right border meets up with the left at the top center.

Don’t forget to use your pick to push your rubber bands down. This is to make the process of getting the new bands at be applied as easily as possible.

Take a new color for your bracelet and add it on the second-to-bottom center peg and link it to the second-to-bottom right peg and push down.

Add another band of the same color at the second-to-bottom center peg and then move it to the bottom right peg. Do the same for the other five surrounding pegs. You must have six bands of the same color to do this with the second-to-bottom center peg being the central point where all of these bands will meet. You must do this in a clockwise direction for the best result.

You should have an asterisk shape on the band.

Take the next color in the rainbow and start that burst from the center column. You should start it on the center peg that is right over the top-most center peg on the last burst you made. Repeat the same process in the last step clockwise.

Repeat this for the entire rainbow loom.

You have the freedom to choose as many colors as you want in this setup. However, it is best to go with a pattern that matches up with the natural colors of a rainbow.

Take your cap-in band for the top and make a figure eight pattern on it while tying it around your finger to create a double-banded circle. Place that cap on the last peg at the top. Repeat it for the bottom area and on the middle part of each burst.

Turn the loom around and hook the cap band and the colored band for your bust forward from the bottom center peg to the center of the burst. You’ll have to stick into each peg and pull each string out from the inside to go over and into the next peg. You can repeat this process counterclockwise on each individual burst.

Don’t forget as always to push the bands down as needed.

Push each loop on the perimeter back and over onto the next adjacent loop on the perimeter. This is to create a sturdy bond between everything.

Use a fastener at the top by sticking a black band into the top peg, moving your pick all the way in and then stretching the band to where it moves into the end to create a tie-in knot to secure the bracelet.

Remove the bracelet from the loom and add the extension to the end. You’ll have to link five bands in a straight line and take the end of your bracelet to push back the bands and then link it to the bracelet like what you use with the original end.

This should give you a brilliant bracelet that’s easy to wear. You can even use this to adjust your bracelet if it’s too large or small.