The Easy Way to Make a Fishtail Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Rainbow Loom bracelets are very popular with school-age children. They are fun to make, colorful and they’re absolutely eye candies when worn together with a bunch or one at a time. Also, due the fact that they are constructed from stretchy rubber, removing them can be very comfortable. It is a perfect combination of jewelry and craft for kids.

Kids can create their very own Rainbow Loom fishtail bracelet with alternating colors or combination of colors to form a rainbow or other design pattern of their choice. Encourage your children to use their imagination upon making their own designs!

> Rainbow Loom Kit or a Mini Rainbow Loom Kit (A crochet hook can be a substitute if you don’t have a mini Rainbow Loom Kit)
> Plastic “c” cups for locks
> Rubber bands in assorted colors

Step by Step Guide:

1) First rubber band on the Rainbow Loom:
Begin by taking a rubber band and place it on your Rainbow Loom. Put one side first then twist it, putting it on the other side. The rubber band should form an “x”

2) Second rubber band on the Rainbow Loom:
With your second rubber band, put it on top of the first one. Don’t twist it this time.

3) The bottom rubber band should be grabbed with your hook:
Take hold of the bottom rubber band by using your hook, one side at a time. Once you’re done, both sides of the bottom rubber band should be on the hook.

4) Grab two or more rubber bands with your hook and pull them through the other bands:
You can now grab two or more rubber bands and pull them through the rubber band that is already on the hook. Stop once the two rubber bands are already halfway through.
Tip: Turn the hook sideways or upside down when you’re pulling the rubber band, it’ll make it easier to go through without catching.)

5) Place your hook between the loops created by your two rubber bands:
So, you have pulled your two rubber bands halfway through. Turn your hook side up and place it between both of the loops you have created and pulled through.
Note: One rubber band should be on the outside while the other on the inside. If you’re using alternating colors, it’ll be easier to see.

6) Pull your single rubber band through:
Another rubber band should be placed on the hook. Be prepared to pull it through and stop when you’re halfway through, like what you did before. By doing this, you’ll be able to produce an alternating color patterntern

7) You’re almost done:
Once you’ve pulled the rubber band through, this is how your bracelet will appear.

8) Add more rubber bands:
Continue adding more rubber bands, one at a time to obtain your fishtail rainbow loom bracelet.

9) Next closest rubber band onto your hook:
Based on the image, keep the green on your hook as you catch the next closest rubber band

10) Grab the other end of your rubber band:
Put the other side of your rubber band onto the hook.

11) Continue by grabbing the end of the rubber band you pulled through:
To complete the stitch, grab the other end of your rubber band in which you pulled through.
Do this pattern until you have enough to fit your wrist.

12) “C” clip for lock:
Finish your fishtail Rainbow Loom bracelet by putting a “c” clip on your last rubber band. Remove the other end of your bracelet off your loom, fold it in half and put the end on the “c” clip as well.

Your finished product will look like this

Have fun experimenting with different color combinations. Sky is the limit!